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Ideal place to venture into Guimarães!
Characterized by a space of excellence for
those who want to feel at home
Located in one of the streets that connects the historic
center to the most recent part of the city of

Valentina is luxury in every measure. T0, T1, T2 and
T2 triplex is what you can expect at the best
Located in the luxury condominium.

New Places, New Details

In the cradle of Portugal we offer the total quality of our installations for you to have the complete experience when visiting this city so rich in history.

A council with a lot of offering explore the history that surround us

Our Advantages

We designed these places with two ideas in mind: to enhance the comfort and quality of life of the residents of our development and to deliver a project of excellence. So, we have thought out all the spaces and rooms in detail, seeking to hone design to comfort.


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There are four hotels individually for you to enjoy a unique experience in a unique location.